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Getting an oil change may feel like a chore, and you’re not the first person to let it go for longer than you should. But most car owners already know that delaying an oil change can be bad for your car. Clean motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and operating the way it should, and it also helps filter out any dust and grime that may have accumulated. This dirt and grime that the oil picks up makes the oil not as effective, thus, needing to be changed out regularly!

Getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles or as your owner’s manual recommends helps your vehicle last longer, drive better, and maintain its value.

At J.H. Barkau & Sons Automobiles Service Center, we are a full-service car repair center, and we do more than just oil changes. Don’t trust the quick-lube guys. Call us at Call Cedarville Service Center Phone Number815-563-4641 to schedule an oil change or Schedule Online, and have real mechanics do quality work on your car, truck or SUV.

Oil Change Service in Cedarville, IL

If you’re looking for an oil change in Cedarville, IL or you want to schedule other car repair and maintenance, our J.H. Barkau & Sons Automobiles service center is here to help. From 30/60/90 thousand mile checkups to critical car repairs like brakes, timing belts and transmission work, our mechanics are here to help.

If you have questions about diagnosing–or fixing–a problem, call us at Call Cedarville Service Center Phone Number815-563-4641. We work on all makes and models. Schedule car or truck service or get an oil change in Cedarville, IL, and you’ll see why so many of our satisfied customers wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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