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Used Cars Freeport IL

Used car dealerships carry a multitude of different vehicle brands. But inevitably the popular brands out there are the ones that are going to end up being in the inventory the most. This is the case with Chevrolet, as the brand has been popular for many years. Right now, J.H. Barkau & Sons is offering great deals on used Chevrolets in Freeport and Cedarville IL thanks to its large inventory of the brand.

Being that the dealership is also a new Chevy dealer, it also receives a lot of used Chevrolet vehicles in its inventory. Loyal Chevy customers regularly purchase new vehicles from the brand and in turn trade in their current Chevrolet ride.

Used Car Service Freeport IL

Used Chevy Cedarville IL

The good thing about having a large selection of used Chevys in Cedarville IL is that the brand offers a plethora of different automobiles. From small cars to midsize vehicles to trucks, there is something for everyone within the Chevrolet brand. And no matter what kind of Chevy someone is seeking out, they can likely find it at J.H. Barkau & Sons.

Chevy trucks are always highly sought-after on the market. And the selection of used Chevrolets in Illinois on the lot at Barkau includes some finely tuned Chevy trucks. And if you actually find yourself in a situation where the vehicles offered aren’t what you are looking for, you can always ask us if we can find your desired car or truck. We’re always happy to help.

Used Cars in Freeport IL

A History of Quality Service

When you’ve been in the business since 1952, you’ve obviously done a few things right. The professionals at J.H. Barkau & Sons like to think they’ve done more than a few things correctly, though.

Setting customers up with the vehicles they have been looking for has become a perfected process through the years at the family-owned business. Come in and see why so many choose Barkau for their next used Chevrolet - or any kind of vehicle.

Welcome to J.H. Barkau & Sons !

Since 1952, J.H. Barkau & Sons has served the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin stateline area for their automotive needs. We can proudly boast to over 70,000 customers in those years and have had thousands of customers purchase multiple vehicles and generations of families that have allowed us to serve them. The areas we serve include Beloit, Cedarville, Dubuque, Freeport, IL, Janesville, Rockford and the surrounding communities. We offer a plethora of automotive brands, including Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac and many others. For a great selection of used cars under $10,000 near Rockford, IL, Cedarville, IL or Beloit, WI stop in at J.H. Barkau & Sons, which include late model used trucks, and used SUVs near Dubuque, IA. We also offer a wide range of high-quality budget cars and trucks in Rockford, IL that will fit any need and lifestyle.

When John H. Barkau founded the business, his goal was to bring quality, affordable transportation to the local area. Jim (2nd generation), Rick (3rd generation), and Willie (3rd generation) Barkau have continued in that tradition while expanding our marketplace to be worldwide. We have had vehicles shipped to Russia, Sweden, Australia, Turkey, Mexico and many other locations. We have vehicles purchased by customers in 49 states and commonly have customers fly in to pick up their new vehicles. In all of this, it has been a pleasure for the Barkau family to help fulfill the transportation needs of a varied clientele. Read More


I started one day just by looking at vehicles not intending to buy anytime soon. I was 11 payments away from paying off my current car, but I felt I needed to be in something a little more winter reliable (previous actions had proven my car was not winter safe). I had found one vehicle that I had liked at another dealership, but I felt very rushed and not 100% positive I was making the right choice by going with that dealership.A family member & a close family friend highly advised me to check out Barkau's one more time and see what Pat could find for me. I knew after testing driving the Ford Edge at another dealership it was exactly what I wanted. So I called Pat at the Freeport store and gave him the specific's of what I want and did not want in a vehicle.Pat called me back a few hours later explaining what he found for me. To my surprise after going to the store after work he found EXACTLY what I was looking for in better condition plus more then what I asked for. That made me extremely happy, almost like a kid on Christmas. Who am I kidding, I felt like a kid on Christmas when I saw my new car on the lot. Instead of giving me several choices to choose from to confuse me and make it harder to choose, he took everything I said and found the PERFECT and EXACT car I was asking for. He went out of his way to find what I wanted and had it brought to them because they did not have it on their lot. That to me, says a lot about a dealership. Instead of putting me in something I would not be satisfied with, he went above and beyond to get me what I would love. I did not feel rushed, pressured or even pestered to buy a vehicle from them. I do not rush into desicions like this very fast. I like to be sure I am doing the right thing, and Pat was very genuine in making me feel like this was going to be a very great investment for me. Where as before I felt at the other dealership I was just another $$ sign and they truly did not care, they were just trying to make a sale.Thank You so much Pat & everyone at J.H. Barkau & Son's for getting me exactly what I wanted in a vehicle and for getting me into it the same day it came on the lot! John J. really did do a wonderful job at keeping me at the payment I was comfortable with and not toying around trying to make a sale. John was up front and showed me all the numbers & got me a really great deal!Barkau's will be high on my recommendation list to everyone who says they are looking for a new/used vehicle. I have 2 family members already considering going to them after my experience!Thanks again guys!